Traditionally, when my mom was mad at me, she called me Angie Diane.

If it was REALLY serious, ANGELA Diane.

My reaction is sort of a pavlovian response at this point, and generally my first thought is attempting escape. It usually means I’ve done something inarguably upsetting. What a fitting name for a blog about adventures, DIY and ideas.

I’m the designer behind Norwegian Wood, a line of womens clothing and accessories made in Montreal, Quebec. I’ve been working in the fashion industry since I was 16 when I started my first indie line and sold it in a few local boutiques (rave wear…for real). Since then I’ve been designing non stop, having worked for both large and small companies since 1998. Tackling styling, merchandising, photography, graphic design and retail over the years has kept me busy, however Norwegian Wood has been my main focus since 2008.

Writing, DIY, photography and home decor are a few of the things that get my creativity going so this is going to be a place where I can explore those things.

There WILL be fashion stuff on this blog, honestly I probably couldn’t avoid it if I tried. 

But there will be other stuff too, and hopefully we’ll deal with fashion more in terms of personal style than trends.

Read my very first blog post here, or just jump in and explore.


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