Style Inspiration: Faster Blogger! KILL! KILL!


When it comes to how I feel about personal style/street style blogs, I go through phases. I’ve written about this a bit before as well…


To recap: When I first started reading fashion blogs and checking out street style sites (around 2004/2005 I guess?) they totally blew my mind. Prior to that I had hoarded obscure Japanese street style magazines from trips to Hong Kong, checked out for their coverage of other cities and scoured Flickr for personal style based groups to join. But street style and personal style blogs just didn’t exist the way we know them now.


Then they exploded, and so did my brain. I loved them! So many different weirdos out there putting together amazing outfits, yay! But then, as it always seems to with fashion, things got pretty commercial. After a few years big brands caught on and started sponsoring everyone, people wanted to be able to make a living off of blogging (which I get…it’s a lot of work!) and I started seeing the same things on blog after blog. People who used to wear vintage all the time because it fit their budget were suddenly wearing Michael Kors and I wanted to throw my laptop out the window. It had become SO BORING.


I do have to say that in general the really great bloggers managed to maintain their personal style, no matter what designers they were wearing…and those people are still totally inspiring to me. But I just saw this major influx of sameness, and people were starting personal style blogs mainly just to get free stuff, and sort of just wore what everyone else wore and I felt like it was the mall version of blogging and I hated it.

My reaction was to just become completely disinterested with blogs. Really mature Angie. You’re a fucking fashion designer…you sort of need to keep up.

So after I got over my little internal temper tantrum I realized I needed to buck up and look harder, I mean…it’s just not possible that everyone in the world forgot how to have fun with getting dressed.  Lo and behold I started finding inspiring dressers again.


Asher from One Turn Kill is one of those bloggers who I find truly inspiring. This girl mixes new and old, plays with minimalism and colour equally and just SO OBVIOUSLY has fun with what she wears. So I of course had to contact her to see if she wanted some Norwegian Wood to play with, and she graciously said yes and proceeded to pair my sweatshirt design with a pair of cropped fringed pants.


CLEARLY I HAD MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. Anyone who looks at my designs and goes “you know what…this needs MORE” is my kind of person.

This is fun fashion. This is what I’m about.


If you’re looking for inspiration I highly recommend that you check out her blog. Her outfits are rad and her writing is on point. She appreciates a great vintage score and enjoys pajama inspired dressing. Seriously guys…WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE.

*all photos from

Norwegian Wood sweatshirt available HERE

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