An Interview by Very Joelle

Norwegian Wood, Very Joelle Interview

A few months ago I did an interview with one of my favourite Montreal fashion ladies…Joelle Paquette of “Very Joelle”.

Joelle is near and dear to me, because she was one of the very first models I ever worked with for Norwegian Wood! In the beginning Norwegian Wood didn’t have seasonal collections, I just added new items whenever I was able to, and did mini shoots with friends. The Fall 2010 collection was the first seasonal collection I did for the line, and I asked my friend Raji to model for me. I was playing the catch up game so had to shoot the spring collection just a few months later and I had no idea who to get to model for spring. Luckily my friend Yana who is also a designer (of the line Supayana) helped me out (as she so often did when I was starting Norwegian Wood) and connected me with Joelle! The resulting shoot remains one of my favourites to this  day! Although that collection has long sold out, if you’re curious you can see it here.

So all this to say that when Joelle told me she was starting a personal style/beauty/lifestyle blog I knew it would be great, and when she asked to interview I knew it would be a fun one to do too.

To be honest, I’m really hit or miss when it comes to interviews. It’s hard to put your finger right on it, but there are a lot of factors that go into making an interview go well…or not. It’s sort of like real life, you can only plan for it so much and beyond that you just try to be yourself and hope for the best. Which leads me to sometimes answer totally normal and innocuous questions in very abnormal ways. LYFE IS HARD FRIENDS.


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