Style Inspiration: Wolf in Sweet Clothing

Katia of

Waaaaaaay back when I first started Norwegian Wood (2008…a lifetime ago right?) I was really into the blogging community. I was still working full time for a large fashion brand while doing NW on the side, and staying up to date on trends was an important part of the job.

So when fashion bloggers hit the scene it was refreshing and inspiring. I found it way more interesting to check out real peoples personal style via Hel-looks (one of the first street style sites…which still exists in it’s minimalist original format and honestly never needs to change) and the now-defunct but seriously awesome Wardrobe REMIX group on Flickr. The day I logged into WGSN and saw one of my own designs for NW featured as a trend to follow, I knew that staying up to date via those old methods were not going to be working for me…I had found true inspiration in the real life/street style community!

Additionally I had a steady roster of about 15 personal style bloggers who I checked in with daily for inspiration, many of whom I also began to work with to spread the word about Norwegian Wood. Ahhh, the golden years of fashion blogging.

Eventually though I slowly stopped checking in on things as regularly, basically due to the fact that I had started working for myself full time and was pretty regularly pulling 14 hour workdays 7 days a week. Finding time to EAT was a challenge sometimes, so keeping up with bloggers fell off the radar.

This made me seriously sad though and frankly left me pretty uninspired. I definitely put less effort into my own outfits when I’m not checking out and getting inspired by other stylish people. So lately I’ve been looking for fashion inspiration once again from individual bloggers.

Katia of

One problem though. The currently popular minimalism doesn’t really get my creativity going.

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally appreciate a minimal space/outfit…I just can’t LIVE it on an every day basis, and I don’t WANT to design it. So when it comes down to actual real life inspiration and finding bloggers I’d like to work with I’m now constantly on the hunt for people who interest my magpie aesthetic tendencies.

Katia2 Katia4

It was on such a hunt that I came across Katia of

This girl loves colour. This girl loves layering, This girl is Canadian! I had to contact her and set up a meeting. Then, once we met I also found out she’s the sweetest damn fairy angel ever. We hung out at my studio and chatted about a million different things, and I sent her home with my Totem Kimono design…I mean look at this damn kimono on her and tell me it wasn’t meant to be!


So for all the people out there looking for some colourful, layered eccentric style inspiration…I’m on it, and will be bringing it via this here blog. For now though you need to tap your little fingers over to this girls instagram and start following her immediately. I’m here vouching for her seriously sweet personality, and I think the pics say it all concerning her confident style.



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