Welcome Friends

Taking in the San Francisco skyline
Taking in the San Francisco skyline

Well, here we are, hanging out on my new blog.

Those of you who know me will know this isn’t my “normal” thing. This is slightly awkward and slightly unfamiliar…I haven’t done this in a long time.

Once upon a time I had a boutique/art gallery and I did a lot of blogging to keep everyone updated on what was going on there, but it’s been awhile. I could be positive about this and say that it’s probably just like riding a bike…except that I’m horrible at riding a bike and narrowly evade death almost every time I get on one so…yeah.

So why, you may be wondering, am I starting this one up then? Don’t I have enough on my plate, what with all the designing, the moving (yeah I’m moving from Mtl to SF) the getting married (again) thing? That’s just it though…I’ve got a lot going on and sometimes it’s hard to keep your creative mojo fuelled up when things are spinning fast.

So in the spirit of being a grown ass woman and learning from all those years I’ve put behind me, I’m calling upon the tried and true powers of writing to give me focus and direction. As much as writing/blogging is work, it somehow does great things for my creative yet often distracted mind.

So what will this blog actually BE about? Like…what is the point?

This will be a place for me to get creative in a pretty unstructured way. It will likely meander. Sometimes it may meander right off a cliff. Clearly I will also get heavyhanded with metaphors.

After giving it much thought (like, 15 minutes at least) here’s a basic outline:

Things I will do on this blog:
Post thoughts and ideas, make goals I may not keep, swear more than I should, talk about clothing, go off on a tangent, mostly awkward OOTD posts, share the work of and interview indie artisans, talk about feminism/the female experience, tell stories, share DIYs, show off my work when I’m excited about it. There may be a few vintage haul videos or something of that ilk because I JUST CAN’T NOT.

Things I will not do on this blog:
Tone it down, cater to the masses, be annoyingly perfect (this will be SO FUCKING EASY), promote mass chain brands, tell you what dress to wear for your body type, overly photoshop things, pretend I’m an expert, complain about things that don’t actually matter (like, having too many shampoo options or something), publish on a super regular schedule (because LIFE).

So that’s pretty much it. This blog is about sharing for the sake of sharing. Let’s try it out.



ps. you can read more about me in the “About” page here

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